Toilet Paper
Macdon Tissue supplies a wide range of toilet paper products for your convenience. Presently we have the Macdon Deluxe Tissue and Macdon Jumbo Deluxe paper in the market. Others in the range will be supplied to the market shortly. Macdon Tissue strives to provide our customers with the wide range of toilet paper for commercial and domestic use.

Our Macdon range of recycled toilet paper is made from post-consumer paper waste designated for recycling. This toilet paper is available as a 2-ply roll that is wrapped for your convenience. Macdon Toilet paper is soft and gentle on you and the environment. Hygenically, it is safe.

2-Ply deluxe tissue

Very soft, high grade quality tissue paper. It is well accepted for commercial and domestic use.

Jumbo Deluxe Tissue

Big size and deluxe quality. High absorbent. Well accepted for domestic use especially in the kitchen and heavy cleaning.

jumbo reel

1. Scale production and cost lowered for customer.

2. Internationally advanced technique and high grade materials.

3. High stable quality with best price.

jumbo reel in different sizes and weight

1. Quick delivery: within 5days.

2. You can order for different tons (kg) and can be cut to sizes as you want

4. Quick delivery: within 5days.

5. You can order for different tons (kg) and can be slitted to sizes as you want

coming soon

Serviettes and Facial Tissues

At Macdon Tissue, we strive to provide our customers with disposable paper products that are convenient and hygienic. To this end, we manufacture a range of facial tissues and serviettes for everyday use. These tissues are strong, soft and absorbent and are gentle on the delicate skin around noses. Macdon Soft Facial Tissues are available in packs of 100 in boxes. Our facial tissues are hygienic and disposable and help prevent the spread of germs. These products are supplied to the away-from-home market, including fast-food restaurants.

very soft color tissues

This will come in different grades and various attractive colors. It is a premium product manufactured to international standard.We have adapted International Standard Operating Procedure, SOP in all our processes.

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