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Technical Collaboration

Technical Collaboration

We are committed to achieve efficiency of scale by full automation up to the state of art processes. This help us to achieve the needed standards in production.

Modern Machines

Modern machines

We have crossed all the implementation milestones and gained experience over the months of successful operation. We have a robust structure and standard manufacturing line.

Automated Processes

automated processes

With the significant recent investments in state of the art production lines and our dedicated team, we are capable of supplying our customers with top quality locally made products, coupled with a very high standard of service.

Quality Assurance

quality assurance

Our in-house quality control system, which includes wet strength testing and random product inspections is a non compromise control, and it guarantees consistency of final product.

Delivery Service

delivery service

Getting our products to you is not challenging to us at all. We have delivery vans in top shape to deliver as quick as possible to your location. We are indeed delighted to have our products delivered to your location.



With a work force of well trained personnel from diverse background, we are able to collaborate ideas. Team Synergy is in place in our company. Our management staff have vast experience in the industry. This has resulted in quality products and customer satisfaction.